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ChanRe is a group started its operations in 2002 with an intention to establish the healthcare and related research facilities in the field of rheumatology and immunology. The company expanded its operations into research and publication in the year 2014 to facilitate the knowledge dissemination. The company was founded by Dr. Chandrashekara S and Dr. Renuka Panchagnula, eminent professionals in field of immunology rheumatology and pathology, respectively. The company was further expanded by absorbing several professionals working in diverse medical specialties.

ChanRe Journals

ChanRe Journals is the is the official journal publication division of ChanRe Healthcare Ltd.. The key goal of the portal is to bring in academia, research, and publication into a user-friendly platform. It functions as an ideal partner for publishing both internet- and print-based journals in a comprehensive and timely manner.


Research Assist

Nowadays it is highly challenging for the researchers to perform planning the research work, documentation, writing, and performing the statistics, considering the time needed for the core research work core and other add on activities. To ease such burden of researchers, the company has expanded its operations to provide these services at an affordable cost, as per the researchers’ requirement. Hence, the the division is aptly named as Research Assist. The division serves as researcher’s ideal partner for developing protocols, statistics, figures and illustrations, and assisting in carrying out all publishing-related activities in a comprehensive and timely manner. We assist you to create ready to print/use content accurately and skillfully. We undertake publishing all kind of print and online materials including souvenirs, books, journals, magazines, white papers, pamphlets, posters etc. Additionally, our team of skilled graphic artists can handle all kind of artwork creations in any subject area. We provide high-quality print and digital publishing solutions.


Other activities

We help pharmaceutical and medical device companies connect and engage with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals through high-quality, independently published content solutions and integrated media campaigns.

As a leader in science and health, we publish peer-reviewed scientific, technical and medical content. Our readers encompass healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists

We assist in tailoring advertisements and sponsorship solutions. We undertake digital and print advertisments for medical reference books, congress coverage and reprints.


Connect with your target audience anywhere at any time via our multi-channel advertising and sponsorship options through our print and digital platforms.